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About Heather

Years ago I had a conversation with a long time patient, Ellen. We were chatting about what it took for her to actually get to her dental appointments. Ellen was wheelchair bound and lived in an assisted living facility. Between her scheduled senior transportation, multiple chair transfers,and coordinating with her husband, a one hour appointment turned into a day long event.  


In that moment I realized that there had to be a better way. The closer I looked and asked around the more I saw a need. This process is often times too taxing and prohibitive to people in a similar situation. Why not bring the dental office to the patient? A dental hygiene visit in the home or facility, in the comfort of a favorite chair or even a wheelchair becomes a possibility.  

I graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University in1997 and have been working in progressive private practices for the last 20 years. Over the last two decades I have discovered a great love for people who find direct dental care a hardship. I am passionate about providing and promoting excellent oral care to these cherished individuals. It has been an honor to develop meaningful relationships with the individuals I have met on this journey.  

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