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Heather Walker was my mom's last dental hygienist before my mom's death. It  had become too difficult for my mom to visit the dental office, so Heather came to us. She was reliable, professional, and compassionate. The stress of taking my mom out was completely eliminated, and my mom's nutritional needs were met as she was able to chew whole, nutritious foods. Thanks to Heather, my mom felt valued and cared for until the end. I can't thank her enough.

 -Kristen U., Hood River

Heather is very professional, personable, and thorough in caring for my teeth.  She encourages you to ask questions concerning your dental care.  I would highly recommend her services.  

-Ellen Baily Harshbarger, The Dalles

Mom had advanced dementia making her oral care a real challenge for her caregivers.  Heather was so patient and gentle with Mom; the whole oral cleaning process was stress free.  Heather worked efficiently and was quickly able to identify potential problems so they could be dealt with by the dentist. Heather; thank you for doing such a wonderful job for my Mom.      


 -Thomas K., Hood River

I am really glad to hear that you are establishing a business to do dental hygiene for seniors. I remember how kindly you treated my wife when she was dying with temporal frontal dementia. Although she couldn’t speak for herself she still needed to have her teeth cleaned and you did it wonderfully. You read her well, adjusting each time as her health declined.  As you expand your care of seniors and the disabled, I know you will give them the same tender care that you gave my wife. Thank you!                                           

 - Ray Thygesen, Trout Lake

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